"The Mannheim Eagles"
Detailed views:

Heike Stecher

I was born in Mannheim. In my childhood I already have discovered my passion for colours. As a painter I love to express myself in experimenting with colours and in using the most different materials and techniques. My creativity is forwarded by a never ending curiousity. Inspiration is given to me by the influence of the modern life and its circumstances.

I try to perfom the variety of my experienced impressions, sceneries, happenings, things and ways of life with colours and tension in my paintings.

The best way to express myself in my work is in using acrylic colours on canvas, paper and carton.

My earlier work also shows collages and threedimensional techniques that make the different elements of the painting arrange themselves into a completely new context.

I welcome you to let your phantasie play around in "regarding" my paintings. As well as you can reexplore some of my art pieces: Elements of the painting, that you might not have realized on the first glance, get a completely new meaning and become actors within the painting on the second one. Some parts of the painting create a 3D-effect supported by a plastical technique - as an example there is the art work "The Eagles Mannheim". Just depending on the light iluminating the painting the focus and structures are differing. Glossy elements appear and perfom on one side a radiating or on the other a darkening effect.

The secret of art is - not to search for but to find it. Pablo Picasso

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